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Canada Star Secondary School

  • Type: Traditional
  • Grade (Gender): 8 to 12 (Coed)
  • Tuition: $14,800/year
  • Class size: 10 to 15
  • Homestay: Yes
  • Founded: 2016
  • Uniform: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Enrolment: Day: 50 (Gr. 8 - 12), Boarding: 10 (Gr. 8 - 12), Homestay: 20 (Gr. 8 - 12)

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Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic experience that builds skills in arts, academics, and athletics to students who have a true passion for learning. Highlights of our programs include: small class size; academic advisors for each student; balanced academic and extracurricular programs; after-school programs for individual support; trilingual programs; Pre-AP and AP courses; Capstone projects and strong Fine Arts Programs.

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11295 Mellis Drive, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 1L8


Principal's Message


Mr. Robert Andrew Anstey, Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Canada Star Secondary School is a dynamic place to learn, to develop and grow and to discover new interests and talents on the path to studying at top-ranked universities. CSSS is authorized through the BC Ministry of Education Independent Schools branch offering the full BC Graduation Program which leads to the Dogwood high school diploma.
We seek students who have a demonstrated interest in learning, who seek answers and who never stop questioning the world around them.
We provide excellent faculty and staff who demonstrate lifelong learning, who provide true leadership and care for our students, and who strive to find new ways to explore the challenging BC curriculum.
We provide excellent facilities including sports fields, a gym, a science lab and well-equipped classrooms on a safe and serene campus.
Group 4 Independent Schools in British Columbia are required to post a bond of security with the Ministry of Education in order to secure stable operations of the school and provide students with security; CSSS adheres to this policy and is fully certified as a BC Independent School.
Our goal is to impart our passion for education to our staff, students, and learning community. We are committed to supporting our team, to seeking new opportunities, and to work collaboratively to improve the world around us.
Canada Star Secondary School is truly the best choice for a balanced, supported, and successful academic career.

Mr. Robert Anstey  | Principal


Curriculum Traditional

Primary Curriculum: Traditional

Traditional curricula tend to be very content-based and rooted in the core disciplines. It is a structured approach that involves the teacher delivering a uni?ed curriculum through direct instruction. Students usually learn by observing and listening to their teacher, studying facts and concepts in textbooks, and completing both tests and written assignments - which challenge students to not only demonstrate their mastery of content but their ability to analyze and deconstruct it critically. Class discussions are also used to create critical dialogue around the content of the curriculum.

What Canada Star Secondary says: At Canada Star Secondary School, a private school in Metro Vancouver, our mission is to create a rigorous academic experience that builds skills in arts, academics and athletics for students with a passion for learning. We offer small classes, personalized support, individual academic advisors, trilingual programs, AP courses and fine arts programs. Our effective learning system and personalized university plans helps develop individuals to become the leaders of society. Our teachers are passionate about teaching, BC certified, and graduates from top universities such as the University of British Columbia (UBC). In 2016 and 2017, 100% of our graduates were offered admission to world-class universities, most with numerous scholarship offers. We aim to develop students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Intercultural thinking, lifelong development and happiness are reflected in our motto: “confidence, persistence, passion, inclusiveness.” We believe students who display these qualities will become great leaders. Whether offering academic learning, extracurricular activities, social skills or intellectual challenges, the staff at Canada Star Secondary School are dedicated to creating a unique learning experience for our students.

  • Approach:

  • Pedagogies and subject courses:

  • Mathematics Traditional Math

      Traditional Math typically teaches a method or algorithm FIRST, and THEN teaches the applications for the method. Traditional algorithms are emphasized and practiced regularly: repetition and drills are frequently used to ensure foundational mastery in the underlying mathematical procedures. The traditional approach to math views math education as akin to building a logical edifice: each brick depends on the support of the previously laid ones, which represent mastery over a particular procedure or method. Traditional Math begins by giving students a tool, and then challenges students to practice using that tool an applied way, with progressively challenging problems. In this sense Traditional Math aims to establish procedural understanding before conceptual and applied understanding.
      Learn about the different mathematics approaches  

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Our teachers use a traditional approach to teaching mathematics. Each new concept is typically taught with the method or algorithm first. At this stage, content vocabulary are explained and repeated, along with the method, during instruction. This approach equips students with a strong understanding and a skill-set to solve more complex questions. With modelling, students are gradually released to solve more complex questions.

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: This information is not currently available.

    • Calculator policy: This information is not currently available.

    Science Equal Balance

      Science programs that balance expository and inquiry learning equally will likely have an equal blend of tests and experiments; direct, textbook-based instruction and student-centred projects.
      Learn about the different science approaches  

    • Teaching approach: Our school takes a balanced approach to teaching science. New units often begin with an inquiry and experiments. There is an emphasis on project work and allowing students to demonstrate their own learning.

    Literature Equal Balance

      These literature programs draw in equal measure from “Traditional” and “Social Justice” programs.
      Learn about the different literature approaches  

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Our English classes centre on broad inquiry questions such as how do beliefs, ethics, and/or relationships influence how people make decisions? Or, what is community? Students will be challenged to unpack these big-idea questions through the different texts that they read. In unpacking the course questions through various readings, students will continue to develop familiarity with and an appreciation of various literary elements, poetic devices, and rhetorical techniques that writers use to convey meaning. They will also begin to apply those strategies in their own original compositions. As they develop these skills, they will be partaking in various cooperative group projects that deepen their understanding of the texts. Each text is treated as a historical artifact, and students are challenged to see how the themes resonate in our society.

    Humanities and Social Sciences Equal Balance

      These programs represent an equal balance between the perennialist and pragmatic approach to teaching the humanities and social sciences.
      Learn about the different humanities and social sciences approaches  

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: The approach can best be described as a balance between student directed and teacher directed learning. The students are mostly expected to engage and demonstrate their learning in inquiry and problem based projects. The focus of the class is to develop skills for their success in the class and beyond as opposed to content knowledge. The content knowledge is not unimportant, they are integral to the learning. The focus however is their critical thinking, communication and reflective skills that they develop in the class.

    Foreign Languages Equal Balance

      These programs feature an equal blend of the audio-lingual and communicative styles of language instruction.
      Learn about the different foreign languages approaches  

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Our approach to foreign language is best described as balanced. While oral drills and vocabulary are important, focus is also placed in ensuring that students learn about the culture. Class activities include project work, reading authentic texts, and drama.

    • Studying a foreign language is required until:   10
    • Languages Offered: • Chinese-Mandarin

    Fine Arts Creative

      Creative arts programs are studio-driven. While historical works and movements may still be taught to add context to the program, students mainly engage in making art (visual, musical, theatrical, etc). The goal is use the actual practice of art to help educate students’ emotions, cognition, and ethos.
      Learn about the different fine arts approaches  

    • Visual studio philosophy:

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Strong support of the students' goals and aspirations.

    Computers and Technology Light integration

      Computers are used in the classroom from time to time, but integrating technology into everything students do is not a dominant focus. Digital literacy is understood to be a legitimate skill in the 21st century, but not one that should distract from teaching the subject at hand, or more fundamental skills and literacies. The idea is today’s students, being “digital natives”, are likely exposed to computers and new media enough outside the classroom: the role of the school, rather, should be to develop competencies that may otherwise get missed.
      Learn about the different computers and technology approaches  

    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Technology is used as another instructional tool and another means for students to share their learning. Since students are likely exposed to other forms of technology and new media outside of the school, the focus in our classes is to embed other skills that they may not develop. For example, students are taught how to use Excel; notes and files are shared via Google Drive or on course websites. As well, students are encouraged, and at times, expected to present their learning using technology: blogging, videos, and Prezi. Finally, all senior classes are taught Digital Citizenship. and they are expected to use acknowledgements and citations to recognize intellectual property rights.

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What Canada Star Secondary says: Tehre

    Religious Education
    • Approach to teaching religious and secular curricula

      Completely segregated
      Mostly segregated
      Completely integrated
      Mostly integrated
      Not applicable
    • Approach to teaching religion

      Scripture as literal
      Scripture as interpretive
    • What Canada Star Secondary says: This information is not currently available.

    Sex and health education Does not follow prrovincialcurriculum

      The sex education curriculum does NOT follow the provincial one taught in public schools - either in terms of structure, pacing, focus, and/or tone.

    • Canada Star Secondary's approach to sex-ed: This information is not currently available.

    Curriculum Pace Standard-enriched

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    Broadly-speaking, the main curriculum -- like that of most schools -- paces the provincially-outlined one. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics.

    What Canada Star Secondary says: This information is not currently available.

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What Canada Star Secondary says about flexible pacing: This information is not currently available.

    Academic Culture Supportive

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “supportive” academic culture focuses more on process than short-term outcomes: academic performance is a welcomed side-benefit, but not the driving focus. This does not mean the school lacks standards, or has low expectations for its students: a school can have a supportive academic culture and still light the fire of ambition in its students. It does mean, however, the school provides a less intensive culture than schools with a “rigorous” academic classification, and is focused more simply on instilling a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

    What Canada Star Secondary says: We aim to develop students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Intercultural thinking, lifelong development and happiness are reflected in our motto: “confidence, persistence, passion, inclusiveness.” We believe students who display these qualities will become great leaders.

    Developmental Priorities Balanced, Intellectual

    Primary Developmental Priority: Balanced

    "Equal emphasis is placed on a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social and physical cultivation."

    Secondary Developmental Priority: Intellectual

    The goal is to cultivate "academically strong, creative and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions."

    What Canada Star Secondary says: Our goal is to produce well-rounded students who can succeed in anything they do.

    Special Needs Support No support

    No support

    Canada Star Secondary offers no/limited support for students with learning difficulties or special needs.

    Gifted Learner Support In-class adaptations

    In-class adaptations

    Canada Star Secondary offers a high degree of support for gifted learners.

    Dedicated gifted programs:

    Program = offered
    Full-time gifted program (parallel to rest of school)
    Part-time gifted program (pull-out; parallel to rest of class)

    Curriculum delivery: Enrichment (The main focus is on enrichment. This means that while students may work at a marginally quicker pace than public school peers, the primary aim is to study subject in broader and deeper ways.)

    In-class adaptations:
    Practice = offered
    Custom subject enrichment (special arrangement)
    Custom curriculum compacting (special arrangement)
    Guided independent study (custom gifted arrangement)
    Cyber-learning opportunities (custom gifted arrangement)
    Formalized peer coaching opportunities (specifically for gifted learners to coach others)
    Custom subject acceleration (special arrangement)
    Career exploration (custom gifted arrangement)
    Project-based learning (custom gifted arrangement)
    Mentorships (custom gifted arrangement)

    What Canada Star Secondary says: This information is not currently available.

    Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. It’s the first of its kind: it covers different kinds of gifted schools and programs, and a whole host of issues parents face in finding the right option for their gifted child.

    Homework Policy

    In grade 12, Canada Star Secondary School students perform an average of 1.5 hours of homework per night.

    Nightly Homework
    Canada Star Secondary90 mins90 mins90 mins90 mins90 mins
    Site Average56 mins68 mins79 mins95 mins108 mins

    This school frequently "flips the classroom": asks students to learn material at home and do the "homework" in-class (with teacher support).

    Report Card Policy

    How assessments are delivered across the grades:

    Lettered or numbered grades8 to 12
    Prose (narrative)-based feedback8 to 12


    What Canada Star Secondary says:
    • Student Council Golf Club Fencing Badminton

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Ice Hockey
      Track & Field
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Drama Club
      Math Club
      Outdoor Education
      Robotics club
      School newspaper
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid


    Day (International)$14,800
    What Canada Star Secondary says: Tuition is for full time students for a period of one year.

    Need-based financial aid

    Canada Star Secondary has not provided this information.

    Merit based Scholarships

    Local Student Scholarship
    Amount: 100%
    Deadline: Rolling
    Eligibility Details: Students grade 8 to 11—

    Local Scholarships: For local students in Richmond/Vancouver who have strong academic and personal successes and a need for scholarship.  We offer up to 100% of the tuition as a Scholarship for qualified students and 50% of the after-school activity fees.

    Students may keep their scholarships throughout their duration of study by maintaining academic, personal, and social achievements at the proper level.

    In order to apply for the scholarship, students should indicate their desire to apply during the application process.  Students will be required:

    • to indicate interest in applying for the scholarship on the application
    • write a supporting essay outlining why you meet the requirements for scholarship and how it would support you achieving your dreams. 
    • take part in an interview

    All scholarship decisions are made by the Admissions Committee.  The deadline for scholarship applications is June 01 of each year. 


    Application Details:

    Eligibility criteria for an entrance scholarship includes:

        •    A record of strong academic achievement

        •    A commitment to service, the fine arts and/or athletics

        •    A successful interview with the Admissions Committee


    For further information about our Scholarship Program, please contact our Admissions Office.

    For more details, visit:


    Total enrollment 80
    Average enrollment per grade16
    Gender (grades)8 to 12 (Coed)
    Boarding offered Gr. 8 - 12
    % in boarding (total enrollment)13%

    Student distribution:

    Day Enrollment
    Boarding Enrollment
    Homestay Enrollment1010101010



    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    Interview8 - 12
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)8 - 12
    Entrance Essay
    Application Fee 

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:

    Boarding students:

    Homestay students:

    What Canada Star Secondary says:

    The Canada Star Secondary School Application Requires:

    1. Interview with the admissions officer
    2. Transcripts from previous two years of school enrollment.
    3. Student passport or birth certificate.
    4. Reference letters (from teachers and other non-family members)
    5. Completed application form
    6. Entrance examination
    7. Registration fees and tuition fees
    8. If the student is under 19 years of age, they must comply with the requirements of the Guardian of the Canadian Immigration Service.


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student Canada Star Secondary School is looking for: At Canada Star Secondary School, we envision ourselves as educating future leaders. We expect our potential students to have a spirit of exploration, be energetic, caring and interested in learning. We use standardized exams to help improve student placement and to improve their potential. Students who have a special talent or expertise should not hesitate to submit this as part of their application.

    Day Homestay Boarding

    Student Entry Points

    Student Type89101112
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    10 - 15 (70%)10 - 15 (70%)10 - 15 (70%)10 - 15 (80%)5 - 15 (80%)
    Homestay Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    10 - 15 (80%)10 - 15 (80%)5 - 10 (80%)5 - 10 (80%)5 - 10 (80%)
    Boarding Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)

    University Placement

    Services = offered
    Career planning
    Mentorship Program
    University counseling
    Key Numbers
    Average graduating class size10
    *Canadian "Big 6" placements10
    **Ivy+ placementsN/A

    *Number of students in 2015 who attended one of McGill, U of T, UBC, Queen's University of Alberta or Dalhousie.

    **Number of students since 2005 that attended one of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge (UK)

    Schools our students are admitted to (last 4 years): University of Toronto University of Ottawa University of Western Ontario UC Davis York University University of Victoria University of British Columbia University of Waterloo Simon Fraser University Wilfred Laurier University McMaster University Queen's University
    Schools our students attend (last 4 years): University of Toronto University of Ottawa University of Western Ontario UC Davis York University University of Victoria University of British Columbia University of Waterloo Simon Fraser University Wilfred Laurier University McMaster University Queen's University

    What Canada Star Secondary School says:

  • University counseling

  • Notable Alumni

    Alumnus Graduation Year Accomplishment
    Andrew H 2016 University of Western Ontario Social Science(Scholarship$3000.00) Linguistics(Scholarship$2000.00)

    Stories & Testimonials


    Testimonial from Sara D.

    I’m a student who will graduate from a high school in Vancouver this year. Last November, based on a friend’s recommendation, I came to Canada Star to apply for university. Before I arrived, I was confused about the choice of universities and programs. I did not know which school would be suitable for me. After receiving help from Jack and Anna, my academic advisors, these problems were all solved. Jack and Anna helped me make the decision to study financial economics in university. Over the next few months, I received several offers from different universities.
    Thank you to these two teachers who helped me a lot with successfully completing the application process.


    Testimonial from Viola L.

    Throughout my experience of applying for university, Canada Star had helped me a lot. My teacher assistant had given me many advices and suggestions about university, such as helping me to get a deeper understand about the application system of Canadian universities and helping me to choose the suitable universities and programs. Also, my teacher assistant helped me to check my next steps in the application frequently and reminded me to hand in some other items that the universities required, such as interim marks, deposits and other documents. Thanks to the help from Canada Star for this long period time of applying for universities, within their help, I received the conditional offer of universities.


    How did she get offers from the Top universities with a C grade average

    If you hear that a student's grades are always around C, don’t you think it would be almost impossible for this student to apply to the top university? But what if the student, in the end, is admitted to TOP universities in Canada? Would you believe it? Yes, the student Ruby from Canada Star Secondary School did it! Finally, Ruby got offers from UBC, University of Victoria and York University.

    "I was very loose about my studies and my grades were not very ideal, but after I enrolled in Canada Star Secondary School, with the teachers' help there, I had a definite target in my mind and my grades improved tremendously. Finally, with an A average, I got the offer from top universities!”

    ——The loose attitude towards learning kept her grades at C.

    Ruby is actually a studious child, but after coming to Canada two years ago, she was affected by the relaxed learning environment within the public education system, and her learning attitude became somewhat lax. These grades were a source of frustration for Ruby and her family as they posed a serious pressure to her university ambitions.

    ——Transferring to Canada Star Secondary School and Joining Top University Bridge Program (TUBP)

    Since Ruby could not receive more individualized support in her previous school, after a period of investigation and reflection, she and her parents decided to apply to Canada Star Secondary School. With two rounds of interviews and written assessment, the admission officers in Canada Star Secondary School agreed that Ruby was a promising student and studious child, so they decided to accept her application to Canada Star Secondary School and the Top Universities Bridge Program (TUBP).

    After transferring to Canada Star Secondary School, Ruby received the instruction and support from teachers and academic advisors. From the academic planning to tutoring, Ruby gradually regained the momentum of "hard work".

    The guidance and support of the teachers in Canada Star Secondary School helped Ruby to begin improving her academic performance and her IELTS score toward a definite target. Ruby shook off her loose attitude towards learning and entered into the final stage of the university application in full stride!

    ——Sprinting to A! University admissions come in

    In Canada Star Secondary School, Ruby participated in after-school IELTS prep class. With intensive courses and high-intensity mock tests, Ruby raised her IELTS grade to 6.5 from her previous 5.5! With this grade, Ruby met the admission requirements of the university while also earning score of 7.5 in the listening section!

    As a result of superior language enrichment and precise after-school tutoring, Ruby saw her grades increase to A level!

    With these two achievements, Ruby was one step away from reaching her goal: acceptance into a top university. Shortly after applying to the University of Victoria, she received her letter of acceptance from UBC, University of Victoria and York University! Congratulations Ruby!


    Testimonial from Sam L

    Thank you Canada Star for designing my personalized academic plan and helping me find the universities and majors suitable for me. I’m glad to have met you all while applying for universities. I successfully received offers and scholarships from UofT, UBC, Waterloo, McGill, and SFU.


    Testimonial from Elysian

    While I was lost, academic advisors helped me find my way to the right university for myself. I want to thank them. 


    Testimonial from Mike

    I would like to thank the Canada Star academic advisors and teachers because they are always nice and patient when listening to my questions and problems. Thank you for all your help!


    Testimonial from Yvette

    Consulting with my academic advisor Michelle always makes me feel like I am talking with my big sister and family members because she is always reachable, amiable, and patient with me. She always puts herself into my shoes and provides me with my unique academic plan for applying to university. At last, I received offers from UBC and UVIC. I would like to thank you, Michelle.


    Testimonial from Jennifer

    Thank you Canada Star for helping and supporting me while I applied to universities. They were always patient and helped me in need. Thank you.


    Testimonial from Ella

    I enrolled in Canada Star Secondary School when I was in Grade 12, and I was totally lost while choosing universities and majors. However, I adjusted my university plan after consulting with the academic advisors of Canada Star, and I received offers from UBC, SFU, and Western. Thank you Canada Star!


    Testimonial from Jenny Sh

    I would like to thank you Canada Star Secondary School for designing a unique academic plan for me. After consulting with academic advisor Michelle, she helped me to figure out a suitable plan for my study and how to achieve my goals. Thank you.


    Testimonial from Derek W.

    I used to be a timid person who worried about my grades because they were not strong enough. I was afraid that I couldn’t get into the universities I dreamed of. However, Canada Star academic advisers always supported and encouraged me to be confident in myself. In the end, I was admitted by UofT, UBC, SFU, Western, and York University. I want to say a big thank you to all the staff in Canada Star.


    Testimonial from Lucy L.

    Thank you to the teachers and academic advisers in Canada Star Secondary School. They helped me a lot and provided me with many useful suggestions.


    Testimonial from Betty

    I am a grade 12 student. I am glad to have met my academic advisor. After consulting with her, I have a clear vision and idea of Canadian universities and majors. Eventually, I received an early admission offer from McGill University. I would like to thank you Canada Star for supporting and helping me with my university application.


    Testimonial from Nora

    Thank you, Canada Star. During my university application, I was very lost and didn’t know where my future was. With the help, support, and academic planning from Michelle, an academic advisor, I am clear with my goal and where the universities I would like to apply. At the beginning, I was very unconfident with myself and I didn’t believe that I could get offers from universities. However, I got an offer from University of Toronto eventually. I was super excited and happy. Without the help of Canada Star, I could never succeed. At last, I would like to thank you Canada Star again and hope all the best.


    Testimonial from Joyce L

    I am a grade 12 student. When I was in Grade 12, I was anxious about applying for universities. Luckily, I received help from Canada Star. Michelle, an academic advisor, always answered my questions patiently and guided me whenever I met difficulties during applications. With the help of Canada Star, I successfully received offers from universities I wanted. I really appreciate the help from Canada Star and all the dedicated teachers.


    Testimonial from Burton

    Canada Star helped me to find my way to the university I wanted to go. I really want to thank you all staff and teachers at Canada Star. Hope they will be better in the future.


    Testimonial from Jacob W

    I want to thank you Mr. Jack and Ms. Michelle, academic advisors, that both support me a lot during university application. Specially, they offered me a unique academic planning for my application and helped me to find my goal. With their help and my effort, I eventually got university offer that I dreamed of. Thank you for Canada Star’s support.


    Testimonial from Xiaopeng

    Thanks to Canada Star and Ms. Michelle, my academic advisor, saved my entire life and pulled me back to normal track. Back then, I just wanted to go to college to finish my study. However, Michelle encouraged and helped me a lot. She provided me with a well-prepared academic planning for my study and university application support. Without that, I could not believe I could be able to receive so many offers. Specially, I got my dream school offer which is from University of Toronto.


    Believe in Yourself

    Julia is a student who has maintained all her mathematics subjects in top form since arriving in Canada in Grade 10 and scored 100 points in AP Physics. In addition to excellent school performance, she actively participated in various competitions; for example, she won the top 25 certificate in the Waterloo Fermat Contest. After talking to Canada Star, Julia considered her strengths and interests before opting to major in accounting and actuarial science. However, Julia had no confidence when it came to applying to the Rotman Commerce program in the University of Toronto, the top professional program in this top university, because this program requires students to not only have excellent grades but also to be outstanding in the interview and writing assessment.

    With self-doubt hampering her ambition, Julia reached out to the Canada Star academic advisor team who began creating a thoughtful plan. The teachers analyzed and made an accurate assessment of Julia's situation, in particular the personal statement and interviewing process. The team then carried out a series of enriching support programs to ensure that the path to Julia’s ultimate aim was clear. In the end, with the help of Canada Star professional team, Julia got back her confidence and received her ideal university offers from University of Toronto, UBC, University of Waterloo, Western University.


    Art Dreams Come True

    Diana is currently a Grade 12 student in Canada Star Secondary School. A few weeks ago, she received letters of acceptance from Alberta College of Art and Design, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and York University. Diana said that it was really something that she could not believe.

    Diana started her study abroad in Mission, Canada in 2015. However, it was difficult for her to deal with the pressure and overcome the language barrier in her ESL studies. In September 2017, when university applications were  imminent, Diana decided to transfer to Canada Star Secondary School and participate in the Top University Bridge Program offered within the school. After tests and consultations, Diana decided to start preparing her art portfolio and apply to her ideal university, Emily Carr. At this time, the submission deadline was only 4 months away.

    Diana is a naturally optimistic and creative student. The Can-Star Academy teachers discovered her potential and helped her in all directions. In the short period she had to prepare, Diana not only excelled in her required courses, but her works of art also won praise at the school's creative art exhibition. As of now, Diana has received three admission offers from famous independent art colleges in Canada. Under the school's recommendation and planning, Diana is currently volunteering at the Richmond Art Center teaching children art. From overcoming cultural shock to making contributions to the community, Diana has become an elite student with both love and wisdom.


    In the News


    April 10, 2018 - Graduates of 2018

    Graduation ceremony read more.

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