Myriam Choma

Ashbury College

My Motto:
You can if you think you can.

Best Boarding School Memory:
Running around, taking pictures and laughing.

If I Wasn't in Class I Was...
Chatting with friends.

My Room Looked Like...
Covered in magazine advertisements, photos, fairylights and love.

Proudest Moment:
Working hard and seeing my average rise 5% in an extremely challenging academic program.

Biggest Challenge:
Eating healthy!!

My Next Adventure:
Traveling across the country for university. BC, here I come!

Only at Boarding School Can You...
Realize that maybe being away from your parents for 10 months isn't actually the coolest thing in the world.

Some Advice for my Fellow Boarders:
Having some of my closest friends a few doors away.

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Why I Love Boarding

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