Jimena Duarte

Ashbury College

My Motto:

Best Boarding School Memory: I don't have a specific favourite memory about boarding; every day we live moments that become part of the experience of boarding, and these are what make this trip so worth it.

If I Wasn't in Class I Was... In my room with my friends, or doing some exercise with the extracurricular activities Ashbury offers.

My Room Looked Like... I had the biggest room in the residence; I had a plain wall, and I put up around 50 pictures of my family, friends, etc. and as time went by, I also posted recent pictures of boarding. I also put up a big sign with my name my friends made to receive me when I went back in December. It is really colourful and I have corks all over with Post-its and more pictures on them.

Proudest Moment: When the head of Gillin Residence told us we were the best mexican group they have ever had throughout the years she has been working.

Biggest Challenge: Living far away from my family. I am really close to them, and getting used to not seeing them or watching TV with them or just eating our normal meals with them was really hard for me.

My Next Adventure: Coming back home I consider an adventure because I have missed a whole year of being there. To be honest, I am pretty nervous. I know everything has changed and I'm afraid of not liking it again.

Only at Boarding School Can You... Visit your friends to say you need a shoulder to cry on. Everyone is going through the same process of adapting, and it's really nice that you walk three steps and you are in your friend's room, talking about what you need to talk about.

Some Advice for my Fellow Boarders: Living with my friends... It can get hard to live with the same person for a year, but once you know who your friends are, and you visit them 10 times a day or even have a sleepover in someone's room, it gets pretty easy. I think this will be the thing that I will miss the most.

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