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If you ask a boarder what they enjoy most at a boarding school, one word always comes up — independence!

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Some kids take to it right away, other have a harder time moving away from home. But it never takes long for new students to take advantage of the independence and identity that comes with the boarding experience—where they’re the ones in charge of their choice of friends, their spare time, what interests to follow and even what to eat. With this kind of freedom, with experienced teachers and boarding staff there if you need them, boarding school is where you can find out what makes you, you.

Make your own choices (and mistakes)

Students are free to make their own decisions. Some will lead to gold medals, straight-A’s, life-lasting memories and the kind of confidence that only comes from knowing that you, and no one else, are the reason for your own success.

"I've learned about myself. I've grown as a person; I'm more independent and outgoing. I've learned to take risks."

—Caitlin, Havergal College

But as always, other choices will have less desirable results. That’s where teachers, housemasters and friends come in. A boarding school community is a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them; the only one of its kind.

The people who have been there and how it has changed their lives.

On their own

For roommates Richard and Zach, boarders at Trinity College School, freedom comes in many forms – from the classes they take (Zach knows he loves science, so that’s what he’s focusing on next year), to the music they play in band (Zach prefers the sax and piano, while Richard strums his guitar), even to how they decorate their dorm room (Zach clearly loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Richard is a proud Ottawa Senators fan!)

And they get none of the stress! Laundry is taken care of, food is always plentiful and healthy (ignoring the ice cream bar), and there are so many activities to take their minds off of home.

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