Go on to greatness

Great friends going on to greatness together

Boarding school grads go on to do great things

From politics to entertainment to sports, boarding schools have produced many of the most important people in history. Jumping into boarding school offers you the opportunity to join the ranks of greatness. Just look at some of the alumni of boarding school.

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Some of the greatest leaders in politics and business have graduated from boarding school. These include John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1935, The Choate School in Wallingford, Connecticut), former presidential candidate John McCain (1954, Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia), Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (1965, Upper Canada College) and the current Canadian ambassador to the United Nations Security Council Stephen Lewis (1955, also UCC).

These are but a few examples among many, many others.

"[Boarding school] taught me how to act off the ice and on and to live away from home. It was fun living in a boarding school. You're on your own but not really, and it advances your maturity."

—Zach Bogosian, NHL star & boarding school graduate

Great friends going on to greatness together

Before he became a national hero scoring the Golden Goal in the 2010 Winter Olympics, before he was the youngest Captain to win a Stanley Cup, before being drafted first overall and long before he did all the great things he has yet to do, Sidney Crosby was a boarder.

At the age of 15, Crosby's parents wanted him to get away from the pressure he faced in his hometown of Halifax, NS, so they sent him to Shattuck-St. Mary’s, a Minnesota boarding school with an excellent hockey program. There, he won a national championship on a team that also included Jonathan Toews, Zach Parise, Kyle Okposo and Jack Johnson.

Johnson and Crosby's friendship lives on today, thanks to the rich bond they formed in boarding school. Check out a portrait of their friendship below, demonstrating the unique bond that can only form between athletes boarding together.

Follow in the footsteps of excellence

Boarding schools today remain fertile breeding grounds for greatness. Many of the most exciting young leaders in business and politics would not be who they are without the experience of boarding.

Aside from leadership in politics and business, we also take a look at actors and actresses who got important development time at boarding school.

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