Brandon Parker

Shawnigan Lake School

My Motto: Everything in life is a test, and no matter the outcome, you will always be stonger from it.

Best Boarding School Memory: Every year when I return to school I see all my old friends. Even the people I may not have known as well as others, they all greet me as I walk down the hallways. There has never been a greater feeling of welcome and joy as when 500 kids and teachers are all overjoyed to see you.

If I Wasn't in Class I Was... If I was not in class I would be down on the docks with friends, out golfing, or maybe playing squash. There were so many options that I would be doing something different every day, and often with different people too.

My Room Looked Like... Room enough for two 17 year old boys to do nearly anything. We had bunk beds, a desk each and two closets. One with shelves and another for hanging clothes. The second had a lock on it to keep all of our valuables. We may not have spent a lot of time in our room, what with constantly having a full day, but every moment spent there was one to remember.

Proudest Moment: At one point near the end of my grade 12 year, I was in charge of organizing an outing for our entire house. The people who were originally in charge of the event had gone away with a sports team and had never even started planning. The due date for all of the reservations was the day that I received this assignment. With only a few hours to work with and no idea where to start, I managed to plan out a day for all the boys to go out and just let loose, paintballing, food, movies.

Biggest Challenge: My biggest boarding school challenge was being everyone's "go-to" guy. Whenever anyone had a problem I was the one to talk to. I was great at it, but it had its challenges, there was one boy, who I felt I just needed to help, and every time I would talk to him he would agree with what I was saying and promise to work at his attitude and life. After time he got better, but never had I had such a slow success rate with helping someone.

My Next Adventure: Next year I am off to UBC to study classics as an undergrad, then go into Law. It is a huge step, and although boarding school has prepared me better than anything I have done, it is a new experience and the beginning of my life.

Only at Boarding School Can You... Go for a run with 50 other boys in the morning, create explosions with chemicals during the day, go golfing in the afternoon and perform in some sort of production at night. And through all of that, still have a moment to just kick it with some friends.

Some Advice for my Fellow Boarders: I will miss the community, it is such a small student body with under 500 kids, then staff. We know everyone, the connection you share with every single person is a security you will find nowhere else in the world.

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