Anlang Lu

Fenster School

My Motto: I do not really have one.

Best Boarding School Memory: Having a goodbye dinner with my roommate, who just graduated, and his father. We talked about all the experiences we had together this year, and how much we enjoyed being with each other. It was a really meaningful and pleasant dinner.

If I Wasn't in Class I Was... Probably hanging out with my friends in the room, or going on an advice dinner with some of the teachers. I would play some soccer once in a while, but I am not really a big fan of sports.

My Room Looked Like... It is a room full of electronics, computers parts, computers, TV, xbox, PS3, etc. A little messy, but I do not mind at all. I do not have a lot of decorations, except for some posters (they belong to my roommate).

Proudest Moment: When I built my first gaming computer with my roommate and school staff's help.

Biggest Challenge: I did not really come up with any challenges. Everything turned out just fine for me. Everybody around me helped me when I needed. I do miss my home sometimes, but it does not bother me a lot.

My Next Adventure: I am going to start applying to colleges. I really hope I get into a very good college, and I will need to work hard for that.

Only at Boarding School Can You... Be totally independent. Deal with all kinds of problems by myself, and make most decisions on my own.

Some Advice for my Fellow Boarders: The people there, all those people I lived with for years. I might not be able to see some of them ever again, but I would really miss the time we have been through together.

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