Tamara Mcneely

Concordia High School

My Motto: I'll be stronger than when I started.

Best Boarding School Memory: All the drama. Inevitable, I know, but it gets interesting.

If I Wasn't in Class I Was... In the cafeteria, with friends or at the mall.

My Room Looked Like... A mess and very lived-in. I had pictures everywhere and wall decorations.

Proudest Moment: The end of the year-because that's when I realized I did it, made it through the whole year. I lived in the same small town my whole life and making it somewhere else, it's so gratifying.

Biggest Challenge: My classes in general. Again, I say, I lived in a small town my whole life and the education there wasn't so good. So changing to a much more challenging school was so hard.

My Next Adventure: My last year in high school! I try to make my goals not so big so they're easier to achieve. My last high school year is my next goal in succeeding in life.

Only at Boarding School Can You... Live more freely, make close friends (because, let's face it, you're living with them), become more disciplined, try new things, and just have fun. Yes, these things can be done anywhere I suppose, but I had a hard time answering that one.

Some Advice for my Fellow Boarders: Just the freedom. Living with my parents, I am trusted and everything. But in a boarding school there's much more freedom. You can basically come and go as you please (within the curfew, of course) and have friends over basically any time.

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