Boarding schools in Florida

Time to shine in the Sunshine State

Florida boarding schools are an international destination for students looking for an American education in a beautiful climate. Among boarding schools in the state of Florida you'll find a wide variety of educational offerings including superb academic schools, military academies, and schools for students with learning difficulties or behavioral problems.

Schools for learning disabilities in Florida serve students who have a variety of learning problems and disorders like ADHD and ADD. Boarding schools for these special needs students offer smaller class sizes in a safe and secure environment that is also appropriately demanding and encouraging. Many boarding schools offer residential supervision to ensure that students remain focused on school life, learning and personal growth.

Class sizes in boarding school also help students focus and enables them more interaction time with teachers on a one-to-one basis.

"Boarding was probably what ensured my success at school. It kept me closer to work, and I probably pursued personal endeavours I would not otherwise have done. It's like a permanent sleepover party!"

—Audrey, girls' boarding school graduate.

University preparation; preparation for life

Boarding school offers uniquely strong preparation for the academics and independence of life in university. As one school admissions counselor says, "Boarding school grads know how to handle their time and do their laundry." Boarding school also offers unique instruction in "life skills," inlcuding leadership, self confidence and personal repsonsibility. University housing administrators and professors will often admit that you can pick boarding school grads out of the crowd of first year students. "They simply seem to be better organized."

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