Vermont Boarding Schools

A rich tradition of university preparation

Vermont's boarding schools include prep schools that rank with the best in the world, schools for children with learning differences and a wide variety of environments.

Boarding schools in Vermont facilitate an environment where students can interact closely with teachers in small classes and where high school students can excel and gain an early advantage in creating a great life and future!

An education in the real world!

The myth about boarding school is that it is always an exclusive environment, isolated from "the real world" but that's a terrible misconception. The fact is that boarding schools attract students from around the world and across the United States and the environment alone provides a uniquely rich and cosmopolitan learning experience that cannot be acquired in any other high school or elementary school! Students come from hundreds of nations around the world to attend school in Vermont and elsewhere throughout the US. Find out more from the Vermont boarding schools listed below.

"Only at boarding school can you go to school with people from 26 different countries! Together we create a close knit community that we all live in and share and learn from."

—Gen, all girls' boarding school student.

More about Vermont's history of boarding

Vermont has a rich history of boarding and preparation schools. Schools here participate in one of the US's oldest voucher systems. Among the alumni of schools in Vermont are former president Calvin Coolidge, America's first nurse, Linda Richards, founder of, Reid Hoffman and many other leaders in business, politics and culture. By attending school here you participate in a rich tradition of leadership development and academic excellence.

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