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Boarding schools pride themselves on turning out elite athletes in major league sports from hockey to basketball as well as more traditional boarding school sports like tennis and rowing.

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At the same time, you'll share the deep experience of living together on campus, like you'd never have at any other school. Few environments create the kind of team feeling you'll get at a boarding school.

Through boarding school athletics, you'll see your new friends in a different context. You might find out that your academically minded friends have athletic skills to match. You might also discover and develop skills that others envy.

"I love the interhouse competitions. Whether we're playing ultimate frisbee or tug-o-war, being a part of a house with so much spirit is an incredible feeling."

—Samantha, Trinity College School


While not everyone is a varsity athlete, intramurals offer the opportunity to round out your time and your experience of boarding. Boarding school athletics are fun, they're intensely enjoyable – and here's a secret – you'll end up grateful for the numerous opportunities boarding school presents you to grow as an athlete and as a person.


Boarding school athletics drive young athletes to compete at a higher level than they might have ever thought imaginable. Many of the world's best athletes got started in boarding school. Learn more about how specific schools specialize in top sports:

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The boarding school experience offers numerous opportunities to get involved in athletics: every evening and weekend, schools offer activities to get you involved, keep you active and engaged with your fellow students. You'll also see teachers and instructors in a different light when they turn into a coach.

Schools offer house competitions, games and a variety of other activities. As one student put it, at any one time, there can be "tons of different options, like rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, basketball and track."

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