Boarding Schools in Mississippi

At a boarding school in Mississippi you'll find a mix of the best of life in the Old South along with a smart step in the right academic direction. Boarding school offers educational and athletic immersion second to no other school environment imaginable.

Boarding schools for learning differences in the state of Mississippi offer focused assistance for students with ADHD and other learning problems. These schools may also offer advanced academics, and quite often students with a wide spectrum of learning abilites can board together in the same school. Learn more from the Mississippi boarding schools listed below.

Boarding schools offer a unique advantage

Mississippi's boarding school create memories that last a lifetime. Sports and athletics at boarding school offers a unique immersion in the sport you love. Many of the best athletes in history have gotten an important boost through boarding school athletics.

"Every year when I return to school I see all my old friends. Even the people I may not have known as well as others, they all greet me as I walk down the hallways. There has never been a greater feeling of welcome and joy as when 500 kids and teachers are all overjoyed to see you."

—Brandon, boarding school student.

Students focused on academic pursuits find a similar immersion in programs that may be highly specialized including technology like robotics, arts like drama or sciences like marine biology. While enrolling in a boarding school in Mississippi may seem daunting, the lifetime rewards are like no other.

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