Music, Drama and Art

Interested in acting? Love music?

Only at a boarding school will you be able to play in the arts, music and drama facilities and technology around the clock, or at least until curfew. Boarding schools have the funds to provide the very best and latest equipment, studios and technology. Toss out the notion that boarding schools are only about studying all the time. Few environments allow you to dive into your extracurricular love as deeply as you will in boarding school.

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Interested in acting? Boarding allows you to play around with friends in the studio until curfew.

Love music? Sign out instruments and jam any time during the day.

"It's a very professional environment here. I feel like I'm advancing a lot."

—Alena, Victoria Ballet Academy

Programs like these add variety to your day. As one student puts it, for the overly academic, these activities are "like a rest for your mind."

Instead of choosing between music and drama I was able to do both.

Drama. Many stars of film and TV went to boarding school, where, one way or another, they learned the discipline and developed the early maturity necessary to rise to the top. Of course, boarding school drama departments focus on much more than acting. You can also develop skills in lighting, stage managing and other aspects.
Visual Arts
Visual arts. Expansive studios and expert teachers are just some things offered by boarding schools, to students interested in the visual arts.
VMusic Programs
Music programs allow you to fully explore your love of the musical arts, with programs focusing on everything from classical orchestration to more contemporary-minded instruction that lets you explore hip hop, rock, jazz and more.
Dance Programs
Dance programs focus on training in a variety of forms from ballet to hip hop. Learn more about how boarding schools explore the dance arts.
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