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Ohio, the Buckeye State, is home to a wealth of academic opportunities including world class boarding schools in all the major cities including Cincinatti, Cleveland and Columbus. Ohio boarding schools come with a wide variety of focuses varying from prep schools to schools with strong sports credentials (Go Buckeyes!) to schools specializing in dealing with learning disorders or behavioral problems. All offer a step in the right direction toward a great future.

Board in Ohio, meet the world

No high school academic environment anywhere is as cosmopolitan as a boarding school. Ohio schools are no different. Boarding schools attract students from across the United States and around the world. Diverse student populations help prepare you for a role in the world of the present and future. Learn all about different parts of the world without going anywhere, at one of the boarding schools here.

More about Ohio's schools for learning differences

Several academies throughout Ohio offer specialization with helping teens reach their academic population. Schools offer small class sizes to offer students the opportunity for closer interaction with teachers and other students. Teachers and tutors specialize in understanding the needs of students with ADHD, ADD and other learning differences. Some of the benefits of boarding school are isolation from distractions, a structured environment and limited enrollment in the school which allows for ideally small classes. All of these create an environment uniquely well-oriented to academic achievement and personal growth.

"Boarding school is all about the community. It's an amazing group of international people as well as teachers who will do anything to help you better yourself. No way did my old school even come close to the caring community here!"

—Alyssa, boarding school student.

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